At the scene in Paguera on Thursday. | Michel's


The Guardia Civil are said to now believe that the shooting of two people in Paguera on Thursday was not a suicide pact and that the man, 37 and a former member of the military, shot his girlfriend, a 36-year-old Bulgarian woman, before turning a hunting rifle on himself.

It has also emerged that the police were not alerted to the incident because someone had heard shots. It would appear that no one heard shots. A driver, who had gone to the petrol station to refuel, saw the car, a black Dodge, and the two bodies. The car was parked at the back of the petrol station. Security camera images indicate that the car arrived shortly after midday.

A Calvia police officer was the first on the scene, shortly followed by the Guardia Civil. The man has been identified as M.A.G., who used to live in Esporles but who had moved to Palma; the woman as H.E.I., a Bulgarian national who worked as a waitress in Magalluf.

The man had a weapons permit, and the hunting rifle had been bought recently. There are seemingly no indications that he had been reported for violence towards women.

Investigations suggest that there was no struggle. It is believed that after parking the car, the man went to the boot, took the rifle and then shot the woman at point-blank range. He then sat in the driver's seat, placed the gun between his legs and shot himself through the jaw.