The combined net income of all Palma taxpayers was 5,000 million euros.


The Sant Jaume district of Palma is once more the city's wealthiest. The latest figures from the national ministry of finance, which provide a breakdown of income tax in the country's main municipalities, indicate that the 3,420 taxpayers in Sant Jaume had an average net income in 2018 of 42,585 euros. This is well above the 25,715 euros average for the whole of the city.

At the other end of the scale is Son Canals. Next to Son Gotleu and the Via Cintura, the average net income was 19,142 euros.

Sant Jaume is in the city centre, where other districts are among the wealthiest, e.g. Monti-Sion with 36,057 euros. The Avenidas form a line between the richest and poorest districts, but there are wealthy districts away from the centre - Son Dureta on 39,505 euros was the third wealthiest district in the capital in 2018. The Cala Major and El Terreno area had an average of 33,010 euros.

Also away from the centre is Arenal, which was the second poorest district - 19,483 euros. Just along the coast, Can Pastilla with 27,663 euros was in the higher bracket.

The ministry's figure show that a total of 195,620 taxpayers in Palma in 2018 had a combined net income of 5,030 million euros. Of this total amount, 153 million was in Sant Jaume, but the district which contributed the most was Son Rapinya with 465 million. The least amount was 52 million euros from the Llevant district.