Francina Armengol (left) in Llucmajor on Friday.


President Armengol said on Friday that the government is not contemplating the closure of bars and restaurants, as is happening in Catalonia. Instead, she welcomed the fact that the coronavirus situation in the Balearics is improving.

In Llucmajor for a visit to the Toni Catany International Photography Centre, Armengol explained that the government is continuing to follow European Union regulations and is constantly studying whether it is necessary to increase restrictive measures.

She added that the additional restrictions in the Ibiza municipality will last for another week, as the infection figures have not come down sufficiently to allow a relaxation of these restrictions.

There have of course been bar closures since the state of alarm ended, i.e. those that were ordered in Magalluf, Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni in July. The bars have now been allowed to reopen, but clubs still have to stay closed.