At the scene in Paguera. | Michel's

The sister of Mariano Armillas González, who shot Habibe Ismail Emin in Paguera on Thursday, says that he was not an abuser but that he had gone "crazy" over the ending of their relationship. She has ruled out there having been a suicide pact between the couple

Greater clarity is now emerging of the relationship and about Mariano. The sister explains that they had been together for a couple of months. Bibi, as the Bulgarian woman was known, moved in with Mariano at his mother's home in Esporles and not in Palma as has been said. "But she left him a fortnight ago in a very bad way."

After she left, Mariano tried for days to contact her. He bought the repeater rifle, which the Guardia Civil have now confirmed wasn't for hunting. He enjoyed shooting and practised this in Manacor, but everything points to his having bought the weapon with the intention of shooting Bibi and then taking his own life.

The sister adds that his connection with the military was a long time ago. He was a pilot for the health service. He would fly patients to Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. "He had no record. He didn't drink or smoke. He was a very healthy person. He liked keeping in shape."

In Magalluf, where Bibi worked as a waitress, she is being remembered as very well liked and professional. After leaving the home in Esporles, she moved into an apartment with a fellow worker. She was afraid of Mariano, who was harassing her. Former colleagues say that the idea of a suicide pact makes no sense. She didn't want to kill herself. "She was afraid of him because he was very jealous and obsessed with getting her to go back to him."