Palmanova in early September. | Aina Ginard

National Institute of Statistics figures for September show that there were 517,530 hotel overnight stays by 139,080 guests. The number of stays was down 76% compared with August and 94% with September 2019. The number of guests fell 91% compared with last year and 70% with August. Mallorca had 76,458 of the 139,080 guests and 269,207 of the overnight stays.

A year ago, the Balearics had 24% of the national total of stays and ranked number one in the country. This September, the islands were fifth with 6.4% of share. Most of the September guests (88,454) were national tourists.

Fewer hotels were open in September than in August - 403 as opposed to 673. The level of occupancy was 25%. In August it was 40%, while in September last year it was 81.6%. The average length of stay was shorter - 3.72 days. This was 4.6 in August and 5.7 a year ago. Hotels employed 7,553 people in September; in August the figure was 22,143.

Hotel prices fell by 5.14%, but this decline was less than the national figure of 13.3%. The Balearics had the highest hotel price index, followed by the Canaries.