There has been a new rise in the number of patients on hospital wards. | Miquel À. Cañellas

On Sunday, the Balearic health ministry reported 150 new positive cases and a positive test rate of 7% derived from 2,142 tests. Saturday's rate was 5.21% from 3,493 tests.

On hospital wards in the Balearics there has been an increase of eleven patients to 158, and there has been an increase of three (to 44) in intensive care units.

Three more people have left hospital and a further 120 who were being monitored by primary care have recovered.

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In terms of active positive cases, the most recent figures per municipality do not indicate significant changes other than in Palma and Manacor. In Palma, the number is up to 1,361, having been down to 1,111 at the start of the month. Manacor has 132, the second highest number in Mallorca. Ibiza, with 185, is second overall in the Balearics.