Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain. | Chema Moya/EFE


The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has asked PP leader Pablo Casado to support an extension to the State of Emergency with a proviso that the Inter-territorial Health Council will review it on March 9 and lift it then if possible.

In reply, Casado said “people do not want any more lurching" and accused Sánchez of trying to dupe Parliament.

The Prime Minister tabled his proposal one day before the Courts debate an extension of the State of Emergency until May 9, 2021.

The proposal would be reviewed by the Inter-territorial Health Council on March 9 and lifted if it's deemed no longer necessary, otherwise it would be extended until May 9.

"The Spanish Government favours unity and that means listening and reaching out,” said Pedro Sánchez before explaining his proposal to Casado and asking him to support the extension.

But the PP leader demanded that Sánchez "rectify and be humble and abandon pacts with radicals."

He also pointed out that the Government had claimed that the situation was stable just a few days ago and accused Prime Minister Sánchez of promoting a six-month State of Emergency "without Parliamentary or judicial control that exceeds the rule of law."

Pablo Casado claims his party "has not stopped reaching out" saying that he supported the two month State of Emergency when the figures were "the worst in the world" but insists that the country should not have to resort to another State of Emergency.