Son Rossinyol Industrial Estate, Palma. | Policía National, Palma.


Dozens of people, including several minors, have been sanctioned for taking part in a music video in Palma.

Police raided a building on the Son Rossinyol Industrial Estate after a tip off from a local resident and had to call for backup when they found dozens of people inside.

Officers say several YouTubers were taking part in the recording session and that an award-winning beauty pageant contestant was also at the event.

At least 30 people were identified, most of them were young and some were minors.

In the last few days, Security forces have been following up on information and complaints about a number of clandestine parties organised by young people in Palma and Part Forana, which were reported by neighbours.

All Saint’s Day

Several illegal All Saint’s Day and Halloween parties have been advertised on social media websites and Police are planning to carry out raids over the weekend. The organisers will face heavy fines.