Pig slaughter, Part Forana, Mallorca. | M. Joy


The Department of Health has made an exception to the 6 person limit for groups so that up to ten people can get together for the traditional slaughters in Part Forana.

The Health Department has acknowledged that the cutting and other activities related to the slaughter of pigs is impossible with only six people, especially when in most cases they are not professional butchers.

The Director General of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font has confirmed that an exception will be made for the slaughter to allow groups with a maximum of ten people to be trained for the event.

All those involved must wear a face mask and respect social distancing rules whenever possible and where that’s not feasible, cohabitants should work together.

“People who are not actively involved in the slaughter are forbidden from attending the event and will not be allowed to take part in dinners or snacks which will be restricted to workers.”

All activities must be carried out in open, airy spaces and in "bubble groups" with a maximum of six people.

The person who kills the pig must be the one who has raised it and if a pig is bought from a farmer, the animal must be taken to the slaughterhouse.

The Agriculture Sector has described the Health Department’s conditions for the slaughter as "acceptable".