Notice of traffic fine, Mallorca

The notice of the fine.


A driver in Mallorca has been fined for having been observed eating a madeleine. But the notice of the fine from the Guardia Civil's Trafico division states that the reason was because the driver hadn't been maintaining "permanent attention to driving", as he was eating the madeleine that he had in his left hand while driving.

The observation was made at half two in the afternoon on October 15 on the MA-13 in the area of the Son Vida golf course in Palma. The fine was eighty euros or forty euros for prompt payment.

After an image of the notice of the fine from Trafico was posted on social media by the driver's daughter, comments came in from others, such as a driver in Asturias who was fined when he was eating a banana.

Traffic regulations state that drivers must maintain freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving. Certain prohibited devices are specified, such as phones, but neither eating nor smoking inside a vehicle is specified.


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Dano / Hace about 1 year

"permanent attention to driving". Isn't your attention affected with music playing, singing along, talking to someone next to you, talking to someone via handsfree phone call, kids screaming in the back seat, sipping coffee, listening to talk radio?????