Feminist Movement of Mallorca’s protest in Plaça d'Espanya, Palma. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


A least 200 people joined the Feminist Movement of Mallorca’s protest on Friday in Palma to condemn the gender-based murder of Remedios Cortés in the Secar de la Real neighbourhood of the city this week.

The demonstrators, who were wearing face masks, respected social distancing protocol as they shouted slogans such as “this is not an isolated case, it's patriarchy," "if they touch one, they touch us all," "long live the feminist struggle," and "not a step back" during the event in Plaça d’Espanya.

"We are talking about 38 women killed in the Balearic Islands since 2003 according to official data, which does not take into account women killed by men with whom they had no emotional connection,” said the Feminist Movement of Mallorca’s Spokesperson. “This rally is not only to mourn the death of Remedios Cortés, it’s also to point out that violence against women is structural and systematic. We have come to fight and shout, because we are tired of Institutional silences.”

Antonio Cortés has confessed to murdering his wife on Tuesday night after an argument. He has been denied bail.