The Consell of Mallorca has directed the British tourism sector with this video during the virtual World Travel Market fair. | Youtube: conselldemallorca


Andreu Serra, the Council of Mallorca's councillor for tourism, presented a video which highlighted the degree to which Mallorca has sought to be "a leader in safe tourism".

"Hotels, leisure, restaurants, shops have implemented strict safety protocols based on social distance, health measures and prevention." Serra stated that "Mallorca is ready to take care of you, ready to receive visitors as soon as the situation permits".

"We are implementing the most advanced technologies in guaranteeing safe visits and are using all our knowledge in offering a one hundred per cent satisfactory vacation. Our climate, our natural areas, gastronomy, culture and villages ... Mallorca is still the same."

Serra highlighted tourism industry and public institution initiatives as well as the strength of the health service. "The objective is to ensure that those who visit us can enjoy a safe trip from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave." He joined the calls made by others in advocating Europe-wide protocols for safe travel and observed that the presentation of Mallorca at this year's WTM was an opportunity "to demonstrate the resilient nature of the tourism sector in Mallorca".

The councillor also presented a separate video, the one narrated by Rafa Nadal in which the messages are "we're striving to make life the same again" and that all efforts are focused on health guarantees and quality for visitors.