Winter heating in the Balearic Islands. | Pavlofox


The temperature will be below 17 degrees in 13 percent of homes in the Balearic Islands this winter, according to a report by the General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain and the Mutual Group of Owners.

The study highlights the need to renovate around three million homes in Spain to prevent energy poverty and claims that the temperature in three out of every ten houses in the Balearic Islands will hover around 18-19 degrees.

The situation is alarming and can cause respiratory problems and heart disease and generate stress over unaffordable bills," says Mutua de Propietarios Group Manager, Borja Ribas.

The study states that there is an "urgent need" to improve buildings and claims that residential renovations in Spain are way below other countries in the European Union.

It points out that only around 0.8 percent of buildings have been renovated in Spain in the last decade, compared to more than 15 percent in other countries such as France and Germany.