The vaccine announcement has increased confidence. | Archive


The BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine has given UK and German tour operators renewed confidence about the 2021 tourism season. ABTA in the UK and DRV, the German travel association, are hopeful that "positive expectations" can be fulfilled.

Although there is caution, it is being acknowledged that until recently it didn't look as if there would be a 2021 season. With the announcement of the vaccine, the situation has changed, and one German tour operator has stated that "we can now say that there will be a season in Mallorca and the other islands next year". The season is expected to start in April.

In the UK, as noted in the specialist travel press, "confidence" has risen noticeably. The vaccine has come at a "key moment" for next summer, and it is hoped that this confidence will be consolidated.

Holiday bookings in the UK and Germany are traditionally made over the Christmas period and into January and February. There are already signs, however, that bookings are being made, with the anticipation that these will be cheaper than in February or March.

The Balearic government took the opportunity provided by the virtual World Travel Market to emphasise the fact that the Balearics have the second lowest coronavirus incidence in Spain. Stressing that the islands are a safe destination, the Balearic presentations for WTM had the slogan 'Don't stop dreaming'.

Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela is due to meet hotelier representatives on Friday and discuss the implications of the vaccine announcement. He is also scheduled to hold talks with unions and tour operators.