Unions are staging a series of protests. | Jaume Morey


The UGT union has lodged an appeal for judicial review of the Balearic government's decision to cut salaries of public sector employees by two per cent. The appeal will be considered by the Balearic High Court, the union saying that the pay decision affects some 38,000 employees.

The union points to a cabinet agreement in August to increase basic salaries by two per cent but to at the same time reduce complementary pay that is linked to job position and category. This, the union argues, violated principles of "good faith and legal security" and therefore also the rights of collective bargaining. The Balearics is the only region "in the entire state, where the salary has not been increased by two per cent in 2020".

The appeal doesn't mention the second cut that the government intends - that of 0.9% in 2021 - although this has been included in the 2021 budget. As far as the union is concerned, the government has cut workers' pay by 2.9%. This, the union claims, means that the government "wants to seize an average of 1,500 euros from each of the 38,000 Balearic government workers".

The union insists that a mandatory payment schedule is established for when the region's economic situation improves and that the government convenes a meeting of the board of public employees in order to "reach an understanding" that prevents salary cuts. The UGT "will never accept unilateral decisions by a government, whatever its colour".

Further protests are planned for this coming Monday at Son Espases Hospital and for Monday week outside the education ministry's building.