Alcanada in Alcudia with the lighthouse in the background. | Balearic Government


Today the photo of the day provided by the Balearic government is Alcanada or as we say in Mallorcan Aucanada. It is a pleasant coastal area located at the northern end of the bay of Alcudia, northeast of Mallorca.

The main attraction is the Alcanada beach, a beautiful pebble beach rarely frequented by tourists as it is far from the main hotel areas. It is an ideal place to walk, take a bath or simply sit by the sea under the shade of the trees.

One of the great attractions of Alcanada is its privileged location that allows us to enjoy, on the one hand, the fabulous views of the Bay of Alcudia and on the other side, the small island of Alcanada and its lighthouse.

So for those of you that our missing Mallorca when you come back think about going to this magical place and explore it!