Forty-two people in Mallorca's intensive care units. | Reuters


The Monday figures from the Balearic health ministry indicate 111 new positive cases and a test rate of 5.83% from 1,903 tests. This is the first day that the rate has been above five per cent since last Monday. The number of tests, it might be noted, is almost half the usual number for weekday 24-hour periods. Of the 111 cases, 107 are in Mallorca, two in Ibiza, one in Minorca and one in Formentera.

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

In hospitals, there are fourteen more patients on wards - 237 in all (184 Mallorca, 36 Ibiza, 17 Minorca). The number in intensive care units is unchanged: in Mallorca there are 42 patients, Ibiza seven and Minorca three.

One hundred more people have recovered, three of whom had been on hospital. Primary care in Mallorca is attending to 2,935 people; in Ibiza 435, in Minorca 77 and in Formentera seven.

The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic is now 23,217. The number of fatalities - 401 - remains unaltered.