Patricia Guasp, Balearic parliamentary spokesperson for Ciudadanos. | Ciudadanos Baleares


On Tuesday, the Ciudadanos parliamentary spokesperson, Patricia Guasp, called on President Armengol to confirm whether or not she would be willing to raise taxes in the Balearics. This was in light of the "surprising proposal of fiscal harmonisation" that had been made by the Esquerra Republicana Catalunya in respect of the state budget for 2021.

Guasp asked Armengol "not to join the manipulation and cynicism of the ERC". "What really penalises us is the unfair treatment we receive from regional financing and insufficient direct investment. The state budget once more does not recognise the compensation needed for insularity."

"The Balearic Islands are a net contributor to the current financing system, which is unfair and unsupportive. Neither PSOE nor the Partido Popular have wanted to reform it. We do not deserve that our future depends on concessions to or privileges for separatist parties in Catalonia and the Basque Country, while our REB special economic regime is not being taken seriously. In Ciudadanos, we do not deny a serious debate on financing and harmonisation, but not 'upwards', as we do not want this to involve an increase in taxes for Balearic citizens."

The Cs deputy spokesperson, Marc Pérez-Ribas, meanwhile urged the transport minister, Marc Pons, to encourage coordination of all aspects that affect the Balearics in terms of air transport. "Good connectivity is essential if we want to boost our economy." Pérez-Ribas noted that last year a connectivity plan was contemplated which involved 23 airports in sixteen countries. This should now be "reformulated with safe corridors and without waiting to know actions adopted by the Canary Islands".