A beautiful photo of a beach. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

When there is no lockdown, it has become easy to travel the world. So much that sometimes we may be tempted to think that this world is quite small, after all. However, when we start looking for natural elements to shoot, then it becomes clear that it is not so. Within a perimeter of 50km around the location where we are, we can usually find dozens of beautiful landscapes. Here is how we can discover them in Mallorca, but also worldwide.

A Landscape Detective and Photography Artist

Those who like to take pictures of great landscapes also like looking for them. In fact discovering a natural hotspot is one of the things they prefer the most; whether it is by driving around or through searches on the internet. Social media, like Instagram, also show unique elements of nature, as more and more people like to photograph the earth, in all its beauty.

Although many will show the picture exactly as they were shot, while others will use a filter that usually comes with the various apps where they can post them, some will go even further to get the precise style and colour they are looking for. By creating an artificial light source, the photographer can edit his pictures in ways that were impossible for an amateur before. For example, you can actually create an artificial light source, using this programme. It is so powerful that you can even turn a summer picture into fall season.

Option Number One: Google Earth

You would be surprised to know how many people use Google Earth to travel virtually. Although travelling has become more accessible over the last two decades, it is still too expensive for many people to pack their bags and leave for the destination they desire to visit. So, they roam the world using Google Earth, discovering the various man-made sites as well as the most wonderful landscapes. That is where it gets interesting for fans of photography.

To discover the best available spots in Mallorca, you just need to start by choosing that location on Google Earth. Then, it is up to you to go in the direction you want. Do you prefer to take pictures of the sea? If so, you will then visit the coasts, virtually, in search of the precise location that feels right for you. If you prefer the land, just let yourself roam on the road to the perfect shot.

Since you can go anywhere you want with Google Earth, the choice of location can depend on where you are positioned. If you are home, start roaming outside the city limits, until you come to natural beauty. If you are planning a trip somewhere, as in Mallorca, then search the area around that location, until you find the spot for the exquisite picture your friends will “like.” As for the more privileged one, they can choose anywhere in the world, and move around as they please, until they find that one landscape they just have to shoot. No matter which situation is yours, you will definitely find the image you can’t wait to immortalize, thanks to Google Earth.

Option Number Two: The Locals

While in Mallorca, if you don’t speak Spanish, the communication might be a bit more difficult since this is the language of the country (Spain). That said, in the tourism industry most people speak English. And if they don’t, you can always use Google translation to communicate.

The best place to start enquiring is by visiting the Info-Tourist Center, where they will either speak your language or find a way to provide you with the information you are looking for. The disadvantage with that solution is the fact that people in the tourism industry will always direct you to the most famous locations. Therefore, it won’t be that unique gem you might be looking for.

If you speak with the concierge of your hotel, it will be a bit more varied, thanks to the large knowledge that they have, but also because of the people in their network that they can contact if they need more information. However, locals you meet at a bar, on the beach or in a restaurant will most probably be the best persons to talk to. If you are driving on the countryside, stop at a gas station or at a b&b and just ask where you can find the most beautiful landscape nearby.

Anywhere you will visit, locals will be the best solution to discover the most unusual hotspots to take pictures of nature. You will also find that most of the time, people will be happy to help you in your search, proud of their little part of the world.

Option Number Three: Social Networks

If you still haven’t found what you were looking for, or you want to prepare before you get to Mallorca, you can always check pictures on Instagram or other social networks. Just be aware that in such apps, many people modify the pictures to make nature look better than it really does. Therefore, don’t be surprised if once you get there, you are disappointed.