Speed limit in Palma. | Julio Bastida


Palma City Council has been forced to admit it's made a huge mistake on the new speed limit signs.

The red rim on the 30 kilometre speed signs has now been changed to black to avoid confusion, because there were places where there were two signs, one for a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometres an hour and another for 40 or 50 kilometres an hour.

33 information panels have been installed at the main access points to the city and 900 traffic signs are being added to 190 roads where the speed is 40 or 50 kilometres an hour.

Palma City Council has also approved the installation of five new speed cameras to force drivers to slow down.

The new speed traps will be located at:

The corner of Carrer de Pascual Ribot and Carrer de Félix Escobar
350 Carrer d’Aragó
The corner of Camí dels Reis and Carrer de Sevilla
32 Carrer Pompeu Fabra
18 Carrer Manuel Azaña

There’s been three speed reductions in Mallorca recently and two of them are in Palma.

90% of the capital’s streets now have a 30 kilometre an hour limit; the maximum speed on the Vía de Cintura has been cut from 120 kilometres to 80 and the limit on the Ma-10 between Andratx and Pollensa is now 60 kilometres an hour.

The clamp down on speeding has infuriated drivers who claim that it's just another way for the Government to make money.