King Juan Carlos I. archive photo. | EFE


The former Spanish King, Juan Carlos I reportedly wants to come home for Christmas, but so far there’s been no comment from the Palace.

Juan Carlos I has paid the Treasury 678,393.72 euros in back taxes, fines and interest "without prior requirement," according to his lawyer.

The ERC and EH Bildu claim Juan Carlos I has received "favourable treatment" to regularise his situation with the Treasury and insist that he should return to Spain "be judged like any other citizen."

"Obviously there is a favourable treatment," said ERC Deputy Carolina Telechez who pointed out that regularisation of his debt also shows that the king emeritus "is aware that everything he has done isn't legal."

EH Bildu Deputy Iñaki Ruiz de Pinedo said the tax regularisation "is a manoeuver" to cleanse the former king’s image.

Spanish Prosecutors have launched several investigations into Juan Carlos I, including a scandal involving a high-speed train contract in Saudi Arabia.