Alcudia Farmer's Market. archive photo. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


Palma is mostly sunny today with a high of 18 degrees, a low of 8 and a light wind.

It's 17 degrees in Calvia with hazy sunshine, a mild northerly breeze and a low of 10.

Llucmajor is cloudy this morning and sunny this afternoon with a top temperature of 18 degrees falling to 9 after dark.

Five day forecast on the Balearic Islands

Early morning sunshine in Muro will disappear when the clouds roll in at lunchtime and the high of 19 degrees will drop to 9 overnight.

Here’s a look at the weather in real time from our webcam in Son Serra de Marina.

Deya is 17 degrees and sunny with a light southerly wind and an overnight temperature of 10.