EMT workers demonstrating in September. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Union Representatives have accused EMT Management of opening disciplinary proceedings against them in retaliation for being Strike Committee Spokesmen in September.

“They’re trying to intimidate us and these proceedings could lead to 45 day employment and salary penalties or dismissal,” said USO General Secretary Juan Antonio Salamanca and SATI General Secretary Andrés Rodríguez.

Totally disproportionate penalties have also been issued against other workers for insignificant reasons,” they claimed. “They can’t forgive the fact that 100% of workers supported the strike.”

The Unions have also accused EMT of doling out money to Managers.

“EMT paid supplements of more than 4,000 euros to at least 3 Heads of Department in December 2019 which are not recognised in our agreement, which meant they received a monthly salary of more than 9,000 euros."

USO and SATI Representatives claim that the file containing the allegations indicates that “the complaint was made with theclear intention of damaging the image of the company and the Manager with absolutely false accusations."

Although the files have now been archived, those affected insist that “if they thought that with this manoeuvre would silence us, they are wrong.”


The Unions have also severely criticised EMT for not complying with several points contained in the agreement drawn up to end the strike in September and are threatening another walk out.

"We haven’t had any meetings to monitor the agreement and if things don’t change we will stage more rallies and call an indefinite strike," they warned.