New restrictions planned.

Threat of new lockdown.

29-12-2020CATI CLADERA

The Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, said on Wednesday that the regional government will request a lockdown of Mallorca if the epidemiological situation worsens.

Gómez explained that the Balearic government does not have the powers to order "home confinement"; the Spanish government has. There is daily contact with Madrid in analysing this and other measures.

The minister added that prohibiting movement between municipalities is on the table. Any lockdown may therefore mean this rather than the total confinement of the original state of alarm in March. She also said that the government wants to wait a few days to see if the latest restrictions have the desired effect. In principle, the government plans to review them on January 11.

Gómez called on the public to stay at home over the New Year celebration period and to remain in their bubbles.


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Mike / Hace 11 months

Limitations and restrictions are only enforced and implemented in Palma, Magaluf and Palma Nova. In Puerto Portals the restaurants are packed until 100 % with no limitations whatsoever. Very strange legislation. It feels like the Government want to punish Palma but close their eyes for Puerto Portals. I do not want to damage for the restaurants in Puerto Portals but why can they work with full capacity when other restaurants are forced to close or only work until maximum capacity ??


Rich / Hace 11 months

It's about Armengol etc al had their salaries linked to the balearics GDP. Let them live in the real world and not just collect their fat cheques.


Rich / Hace 11 months

Hold on a moment. I read in this paper just one or two days ago that Armengol had stated that (assured us) the latest measures would do the job. This woman has to go, if she asks central government for total lockdown she is encouraging suicides and alcoholism.


Steve / Hace 11 months

Looks like Clockdown to me!


Zoe / Hace 11 months

I hope if it happens it would not be same as before. Severe restriction damages as much Covid as the stats shows. Individuals should be allowed to go out for walks . This said people should act responsibly and not let their guards down, specially now that the vaccination is so close.


Lisa / Hace 11 months

And still little updates or news on the vaccine rollout for Mallorca.....

So important to fast track the islands, not only for health - but for any chance of an economic recovery.

Some people have very little left. Food banks and raising crime rates. Not to mention the damage to mental health.

Tough times :(


Johnny Silverhand / Hace 11 months

Why should we do another lockdown? Vaccine is out that what you want so much. Give to the people and let other to work and live their life. Otherwise you destroy this Island and you can scrub off from the map.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

And this is why these matters are decided by a national government, as local politicians cannot be trusted or are they capabable of making such heavy weighted decisions.


James, The First Of The Mohicans / Hace 11 months

Checking the larder now. Dry beans, taters, rice, pasta. I'll put my left hand to good use. First run is to Moya; I'll take the truck for that. By the time all this is over, I'll be a certified drunk.