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The Three Kings have already started arriving in some towns in Mallorca, making it one of the most magical afternoons of the year for children, despite the Covid restrictions.

The Three Kings arriving in Puerto Soller.

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar arrived in Puerto Soller at 15:00 and were greeted by boys and girls and they’ll walk through the streets of many Mallorcan villages throughout this afternoon.

The Three Kings arriving in Puerto Soller.

In some places they will travel through the streets by car so that the kids can see them from their windows and balconies, because they’re not allowed to gather on the pavements.

The arrival of their Majesties from the East has been adapted this year because of the coronavirus restrictions, with IB3 broadcasting the arrival of the Three Kings in Palma live and in other places their route has been extended so that more people can see them.

The Three Kings in Puerto Soller.