Customers line up to buy butane cylinders in Palma. | Ultima Hora


The cold snap in Mallorca has caused a massive run on butane cylinder sales with people desperate to heat their homes as temperatures plummet.

Massive queues are forming in the Son Castelló Industrial Estate, but the ever increasing number of customers heading for Set Energía in Carrer Gremi Selleters i Basters is causing chaos for the 70 other companies in the street.

The Association of Industrialists of Mallorca, or Asima claims there are vehicles coming from all directions and say they've notified Palma Local Police because of the high probability of an accident in the area.

“This is an important area of the Son Castelló Industrial Estate and this situation poses a risk because some people become impatient when they have to queue for a long time,” warned Asima Director Alejandro Sáenz.

The sheer number of cars lining up for butane has caused brutal traffic jams at the ITV roundabout with tailbacks to the Soller road.

Firewood outlets say they’ve also seen a massive rise in sales.