Dolçamar honey, Minorca. |


Flower honey, which is made by the Minorcan company Dolçamar, has been named best in Spain for the third year in a row at a contest organised by

Dolçamar won with 91 points, two more than the runner-up, Das Nosas Abellas of A Coruña and third place went to the honey by Calatayud and another Minorcan, Mel i Untis with 88 points.

Dolçamar’s owner, Antoni Anglada says he’s planning to start exporting the honey in the coming months.

"We have already contacted European distributors and we will adopt new digital strategies to promote honey and other products with the Dolçamar seal of approval, such as jams, ketchup and honey with chamomile or candies,” he explained. "The challenge is huge, but it’s vital if we want to take a step forward in competitiveness. Minorca has been exporting honey to the UK since the late 18th century and the most exclusive shops in London demanded that it came from Minorca, describing it as the finest in Europe.”

Dolçamar’s 120 beehives are spread all over the island and they believe the superb quality of the honey gives them an edge.

“We can’t compete in quantity because the costs on the Island are higher than on the Peninsula, so we try to compete with quality, added value and price.”