Cinema audience in Palma. | M. À. Cañellas

Palma's theatres and cinemas are gearing up for the new restrictions, some are braving it out, but others have decided to shut their doors until things improve.

Palma Auditorium, the Trui Teatre, Cinesa Festival Park, Es Gremi and all Municipal theatres in the capital are temporarily suspending all programming.

Teatre del Mar will make a final decision on Tuesday and Teatre Sans, Teatre Principal and CaixaForum are staying open.

"This situation is a disaster, we have postponed everything,” said Palma Auditorium’s Marcos Ferragut. "This is not the way to work, we have spent months begging for the vaccine and now that we have it we have to vaccinate without wasting time.”

We understand and respect the measures, but obviously it affects us and we have to make decisions,” said Teatre del Mar Director, Carles Molinet. “Most likely we’ll reprogram and take advantage of the closure to carry out technical improvements and reforms.

We'll make some changes to avoid programming in the small room because the bigger one is better for social distancing," says Director Josep R. Cerdà. "If we close without being forced to do so the artists will lose out, so we will continue to operate.”


Capacity has also been reduced at cinemas which has forced Cinesa Festival Park to suspend its programming at least until January 28, but Ocimax will be open every day.

Artesiete's rooms at Fan Mallorca will also remain open, but eating and drinking is banned inside.

We will continue to navigate the storm and offer a space for leisure, culture and an escape,” said a CineCiutat Spokesperson.