Two more patients have been admitted to intensive care in Mallorca. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The Monday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 341 new positive cases, 217 in Mallorca, 104 in Ibiza, 18 in Minorca and two in Formentera. Based on 4,684 tests, the test rate is 7.28%, which represents quite a notable decrease. The rate has been as high as 14.99%, which was the case last Monday. On Tuesday it was 13.24% (from 4,833 tests); Wednesday 14.87% (4,532 tests); Thursday 12.04% (5,157 tests); Friday 12.89% (4,592 tests); Saturday 10.67% (5,117 tests); and Sunday 11.05% (4,072 tests).

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

On hospital wards, however, the number of Covid patients continues to rise - 25 more in Mallorca (359) and six more in Ibiza (74). In Minorca the number has come down by three to six. There are three more patients in intensive care units - 107 in Mallorca (two more), thirteen in Ibiza (one more) and five in Minorca (no change).

Thirteen more hospital patients have been discharged, and a further 240 people have recovered. The total number of people being attended to by the health service has risen by 70 to 10,547. In Mallorca, there is a further decrease in the number of people who are being attended to by primary care - 7,444 as opposed to 7,511 on Sunday.

The ministry has confirmed seven more deaths. The total since the start of the pandemic is 518.