The state of alarm currently permits curfews no earlier than 10pm. | Kai Försterling


The Balearic government spokesperson, Pilar Costa, said on Monday that the government will support the proposal to bring forward the current curfew from 10pm to 8pm.

This is to be considered at Wednesday's meeting of the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System, certain other regions having requested the earlier curfew. In Castile and León, the regional administration has already approved it, despite the fact that this earlier curfew does need agreement.

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Costa explained that a further limitation on mobility "seems good to us", although she didn't say if the earlier curfew would be applied to all of the islands.

The Spanish government hopes that there will be consensus for this measure among the regions. Under the terms of the latest state of alarm, 10pm is the earliest time that a curfew can be imposed. The Castile and León decision is subject to appeal by the government, but this appeal will no longer apply if there is regional consensus for an 8pm curfew.

Costa observed that regional authorities should have the legal means to be able to introduce a curfew at 8pm "or at the time that is established".