National Police carrying out a night patrol.

The state of alarm currently permits curfews no earlier than 10pm.

18-01-2021Kai Försterling

The Balearic government spokesperson, Pilar Costa, said on Monday that the government will support the proposal to bring forward the current curfew from 10pm to 8pm.

This is to be considered at Wednesday's meeting of the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System, certain other regions having requested the earlier curfew. In Castile and León, the regional administration has already approved it, despite the fact that this earlier curfew does need agreement.

Costa explained that a further limitation on mobility "seems good to us", although she didn't say if the earlier curfew would be applied to all of the islands.

The Spanish government hopes that there will be consensus for this measure among the regions. Under the terms of the latest state of alarm, 10pm is the earliest time that a curfew can be imposed. The Castile and León decision is subject to appeal by the government, but this appeal will no longer apply if there is regional consensus for an 8pm curfew.

Costa observed that regional authorities should have the legal means to be able to introduce a curfew at 8pm "or at the time that is established".


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Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

Bye bye Jens! Enjoy the looong, dark winters, boring people and short summers.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Francine for national President? Perhaps someone should mention a disaster in Mallorca may not look too good on her CV. People aren’t totally stupid (nod to the US here) and they’d have to vote.

The big story here is the vaccine roll out. Did a little math and on the current rate it will take 3 years to vaccinate the population. Not sure any business will survive that? The vaccine may not be perfect guys, but currently it’s the only option.

@Mark - I’m in your camp ... stay and try to help. Better to make a stand than run away.


Henry / Hace 9 months

To Juliana : the same could be said about the vaccine. There is absolutely no proof that it wil work with the current virus, let alone any new ones that pop up.


Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

So Karin, where do you suggest we go? As I don´t know that many truly free countries anymore. Nearly every country is now is some form of lock down or have a variation of restrictions or where they don´t, infection rates are throught the roof. So where is left?

@Lisa: that is because Francine is the biggest, socialist butt kisser of Pedro. She is a political pro and I reckon all she is trying to do is getting into the national PSOE and ultimately becoming the first female PM of Spain.


Rich / Hace 9 months

Anybody know of a 'speakeasy' in the palmanova area?


jens / Hace 9 months

This is so stupid, i dont understand why is it that all this masks use and going home before bed-time, like a child. we are not children!!! I'm going back to Denmark. I was going to set up my 3 companies here and give WORK to Spanish people. I will pay my TAXES somewhere else thank you very much. The home by 8 o clock doesn't work because more people will go to the supermarket AT THE SAME TIME, instead of some people going at 7, and some at 8 and some at 9 - JUST SAYING. Stupid Mallorca Government. Good BYE!!! Oh and by the way, you probably hat tourists, but you LIKE OUR MONEY, don't you?


Karin / Hace 9 months

The Spanish government is a highly reactive government with no long-term thinking or plans. The speed of vaccination it's absolutely embarrassing compared to other EU countries and the government's blindness towards all the numerous social issues that arise from their illogical responses is absolutely disturbing. The mental health crisis that awaits not only for children but for people of all ages is problematic, the economic crisis that beholds this country is something that will weight on future generations to come. Let's pack our bags and move to a free country! This what you are seeing right now, it's only the beginning!


juliana / Hace 9 months

as it stands now there is absolutely no scientific evidence that shows that curfews such as this work. It hasn't worked in france, why would it work here? This measures are sickening.


Rich / Hace 9 months

Not that I'm against women but it seems all Francina's cohorts are women...and a bit power crazy. Is this them getting back at us poor blokes?


Philip Jones / Hace 9 months

Government ? Seems more like a bunch of headless chickens (my apologies to chickens) running around making things up as they go along. I feel sorry for those of you who are paying taxes allowing them to carry on doing so. They should have resigned a long time ago.