Cala Sant Vicenç, Mallorca. | Xesca Serra


A yellow weather warning has been issued for stormy seas and high waves in Mallorca on Friday and the State Meteorological Agency says we're in for a very wet and very windy weekend.

"Storm 'Hortense' will bring strong winds and rough seas this weekend and there will be rain in some places,” according to Aemet’s María José Guerrero.

Friday is partly sunny, partly cloudy and 18º with scattered showers, occasional thunderstorms, strong southwesterly winds in the morning turning westerly in the afternoon with gusts of up to 80 kilometres an hour in the flatlands and 110 kilometres an hour in the mountains. The wind will whip up the waves, which could be as high as 7 metres on the west coast!

Saturday will be overcast, slightly cooler and just as miserable, with a high of 16º, scattered showers, 60-70 km an hour winds in the flatlands and gusts of up to 80 km an hour. Overnight the mercury will hover between 9º and 11º. Seas will still be stormy with 3 metre high waves.

Sunday will be another cloudy day with morning showers, a high of 18º and a low of 10º with southwesterly winds in the early morning turning northwesterly in the afternoon and gusting up to 80 km an hour. Stormy seas and 3 metre high waves are forecast to subside a little as the day wears on.