Fira del Fang figuerines. | Ultima Hora


Marratxí City Council has been forced to ​​postpone the Fira del Fang for the second year in a row because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not advisable to hold this event when the level of contagion in Mallorca is so high," said a Spokesperson, "but the Fair will be held when the incidence rate allows it to go ahead without risk."

The Marratxí Fira del Fang has been running for nearly 40 years and the XXXVII edition was due to take place from March 6-14.

Fira del Fang, Marratxí, Mallorca.

Every year the fair adopts a different theme; this year it’s “World Cuisines with ceramics (II)” and as a mark of support for the Ceramic Sector, potters won’t have to pay a fee to take part in the Fira del Fang when it does eventually go ahead.

The work of more than 30 Artisans is showcased at the Fira and several restaurants also take part in the event, serving up some of Mallorca’s tastiest dishes to thousands of hungry shoppers.

This year the organisers had to contend with the coronavirus restrictions, so the outdoor venue was expanded with specific entry and exit routes marked to avoid congestion within the enclosures.

The postponement has been announced early so that traders and suppliers are aware of the situation well before they usually start preparing for the Fira del Fang.

Marratxí City Council has stressed that a new date will be set and all participants will be informed of the terms and conditions well before the event takes place.

Fira del Fang, Marratxí, Mallorca.