Palma, Mallorca. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


The political atmosphere has turned fractious once again, with Podemos demanding that the Balearic Prime Minister Francina Armengol and Mobility Minister Marc Pons make immediate, drastic changes to the Housing Policy.

Around 700 apartments have disappeared from the register of empty homes, because the banks chose to sell them rather than hand them over to the Government. At the end of 2019 there were 1,400 apartments on the list and now there’s only 779.

Podemos has accused the Balearic Government of being complacent with banks and Investment funds, and insists that they be forced them to comply with the Housing Law that was approved in the last legislature.

Podemos officials have asked President Armengol for an urgent meeting to make changes to the housing policy, saying they're deeply uneasy about the current situation. Podemos supports the construction of more VPO’s, but claims it’s not the solution and is determined to make banks and investment funds comply with the law.

"We are deeply concerned about the inaction of the Ministry," stressed Podemos sources. "It’s ridiculous that the Government has bought eight apartments when access to housing is one of the biggest problems in the Balearic Islands. We believe that the banks should cede their properties for social renting," they added.

The Government is shelling out nearly one million euros for the eight properties.