Intensive care at Son Llàtzer Hospital. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The Tuesday report from the Balearic health ministry shows 584 new positive cases of coronavirus - 194 in Mallorca, 322 in Ibiza, 41 in Minorca and 27 in Formentera. The 584 cases represent an increase of 391 compared with the Monday report, but as was noted on Monday, there had been little testing in Ibiza on Sunday.

The Monday report indicated just 35 cases in Ibiza. The situation in Minorca and Formentera was similar; there were two cases in Minorca on Monday and none in Formentera. In Mallorca, on the other hand, there were 156 out of the total of 193.

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

The test rate on Tuesday is more than double that of Monday - 9.94% from 5,875 tests. The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic has now gone above 50,000 - it is 50,075. In all, the health service is looking after 10,990 people in the Balearics, but numbers specific to primary care attention (excluding people in hospitals therefore) continue to show a decrease in Mallorca - now down to 6,102 - but an increase in Ibiza (3,693).

In Mallorca, there are 22 fewer Covid patients on hospital wards -295. In Ibiza there are ten more - 146. Minorca has nineteen patients, four fewer than on Monday. The situation in intensive care, however, is that there are six more Covid patients in Mallorca (110). There is one more patient in Ibiza (18) and also one more in Minorca (seven).

Sixty-four more patients have left hospital, and a further 404 have recovered. The ministry has confirmed the deaths of six more people - the total is 563.