President Armengol.

President Armengol.


The Balearic President Francina Armengol said that "normal life" could return to the Balearics by June as long as the mass vaccination programme is successful.

Her statement came amid reports that bars, restaurants and big shopping centres would remain closed for at least another two weeks, possibly much longer.

Armengol wants to vaccinate the local population in the space of three months, which involves at least 11,500 people being vaccinated everyday. However, a shortage of vaccines has led to Madrid and Barcelona postponing their programmes.

The Balearic President has said, once again, that once the people in the "at risk" category have been vaccinated then areas where tourism is vital to the economy should be given priority.


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Rob / Hace 9 months

The UK is averaging 400,000 vaccinations a day. Surely Mallorca can manage 11,000 a day as long as the government can get hold of the vaccine. That’s 5 days to do one average football stadium.


Colin Allcars / Hace 9 months

Ah. The ubiquitous word ‘could’.

Right up there with ‘may’, ‘might’, ‘should’ and ‘ought’.

Sadly falling WAY short of the mighty ‘WILL’.


James T / Hace 9 months

Did she say which June?


Stan / Hace 9 months

With mandatory 10 day Hotel quarantining for those returning to the UK. I seriously doubt any Tourism this year.


Alby / Hace 9 months

Not a single chance this government can get 11.500 people vaccinated in a day


harry beunhaas / Hace 9 months

Ohhh only 11.5k people a day for 3 months, that shouldnt be too hard! what a joke..


Robert Dunn / Hace 9 months

Reminds me of the famous quote during the Christine Keeler trial: “ She would say that, wouldn’t she ?”