Lord Lupton.

Lord Lupton: has given generously.


British residents and tourists were being urged to give to the Pollensa food-bank because the severe economic slowdown has left many people on the poverty line.

Alan Ponte, former President of the Puerto Pollensa yacht club launched the appeal this morning. "One of the worst images I have seen are the long queues in Palma and elsewhere of people of all ages waiting to receive food parcels so that they can survive," he said.

He paid tribute to British peer Lord Lupton (James Roger Crompton Lupton), owner of Sa Fortaleza, (made famous by the BBC series The Night Manager) who had contributed generously to the fund. "His donation was taken to the Distribution Centre and given to families and people who are in need," he said.


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Zoe / Hace 9 months

@Bentlyal, I agree that politician could help , look at New Zealand , the whole of government took a reduction of 30% in salaries to help others less fortunate. In contrast in UK they have an increase of 11% to their highly paid wages, while NHS , etc had 1% increase. And of course huge number of people on breadline. Tells you something about Caring as opposed to greedy corrupt governments.


Zoe / Hace 9 months

It would have been great if there was a donation link so those who could not get to the food bank could donate money and those in charge could purchase the food. I for one would have donated even though I do not live in Balearic but have family there.


bentlyal / Hace 9 months

why don't the politicians give up their salaries for the food bank and people suffering ? They haven't been affected and looking around Europe most politicians that opted for perpetual lockdowns have earned more from working at home!!! politicians hand over or give up your salaries as you have not been affected unlike the population. Scandalous!!! A public inquiry needs to be carried out after this corona rona flu virus flutters away