The weather affected 2020 production. | Archive


Wine production in the Balearics fell by 25.1% in 2020. This was because of some adverse weather and problems with getting workers because of mobility restrictions.

The directorate for food sovereignty in the Balearics reports there having been an 11.1% decrease in vineyard area in 2020 compared with the 1,816 hectares in 2019. This decrease and therefore fall in production was predominantly in Mallorca.

Production per hectare fell by eight per cent because of significant rainfall in May and June, which resulted in mildew, while the 'cap de fibló' tornado at the end of August reduced production by between 50 and 90 per cent in certain affected areas.

Because of this, the agriculture ministry made available 215,000 euros from its own funds plus 4.3 million euros of aid or loans through the support scheme for Spain's wine sector and the regional government's ISBA not-for-profit financial institution.