Victor Sánchez (archive image).


The closure of bars and restaurants in early January gave birth to a protest movement. Victor Sánchez became the face of Resistencia Balear. Determined to fight to be allowed to reopen, he led the demonstrations. He has now given up; he said a few days ago that he would be "stepping aside".

If that decision was difficult, he has had to make an even more difficult one that will bring his "dream" to an end. His As de Tablas restaurant in S'Escorxador is for 'traspaso'.

"Like many people, I'm broke and I'm not ashamed to say so. If we could open now, it would take six years of work, without any day off and without employees, to be able to pay what I owe." There are many others in his position, and he doesn't have "the mental or physical strength" for running a business.

A year of reduced activity has meant an accumulation of debt, to which will be added fines of some 200,000 euros for the various protests that did not have the national government delegation's authorisation. "The business was working very well. But the debts have risen over the months - social security, self-employed contribution, rent ... and now the issue of the fines has come up. I have to traspaso in order to pay what I owe. Then I will take care of looking at who is responsible for having had to close the business."

He adds that when he receives notification of the fines, he will put the matter in the hands of his lawyers.