Son Dureta Hospital, Palma.

Son Dureta Hospital, Palma.

09-02-2021Teresa Ayuga

The locations for mass vaccinations against Covid-19 in Mallorca have been confirmed. The jabs will take place at the Germans Escales Sports Centre, Son Dureta Hospital in Palma; the Mateu Canyelles de Inca Sports Centre and Manacor racecourse, according to Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses and the Es Pratet Sports Centre are two locations being considered in Ibiza.

The Maó Exhibition Centre and the multipurpose room at the Canal Salat Health Centre in Ciutadella are the two locations being assessed in Minorca.

In Formentera, the Ministry of Health is in talks with the Council of the island to decide on a vaccination location.

Minister Gómez revealed that 58 vaccination teams will be created to administer the jabs and each team will have an Administrative Nurse, a person to take care of registration and incidences of patients and a Nursing Assistants' Technician. There will also be six Coordinating Nurses and one General Coordinating Nurse.

Minister Gómez also stressed that the vaccination process is being accelerated.

Between now and the beginning of March the Balearic Islands will receive around 84,000 vaccine doses: 30,000 Pfizer; 9,800 Moderna and 43,800 AstraZeneca.

More doses will be received in March because production of the current vaccines will increase and new vaccines are expected to come to market.

By Monday, 36,700 doses had been administered, which is almost all of the vaccines received by the Ministry of Health.


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Jimbo / Hace 10 months

It is good to see that vaccinations will shortly be available, however the locations mentioned are not exactly geographically viable. How are people expected from all over the Island or east and west of the Island, without transport supposed to get to these locations. Would it not be easier to use local health centres. Interesting to see the outcome.