Forest fire in Alcudia, Mallorca

Over five hectares have been affected.


A forest fire in Alcudia on Tuesday afternoon led to the initial evacuation of thirty-eight people as a precautionary measure; the number increased to 75.

The fire broke out at around 4.30pm along the Cami Son Moll. What should have been a controlled burning got out of control because of the strong wind. Initially declared Level Zero risk, this was raised to Level One because of the proximity of properties.

Two water-bombing helicopters were used in tackling the fire. By 8pm, Ibanat tweeted that the fire was stable and that approximately 5.4 hectares of pine forest had been affected.

The fire was in forest in the Son Fe area of Alcudia, which is to the right of the main road as one enters Alcudia from the motorway.


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Lisa / Hace 9 months

This is yet another example of poor land management. Do these people not bother to check the weather forecast??? The devastating fire in the Albufera late last year was caused by a ‘controlled burn’ - started on a windy day. Please, learn from mistakes. Stop setting fire to forests on windy days.


Son Fe Mick / Hace 9 months

I was one of the 38 residents sitting in Can Segue car park for over four hours while the Gaurdia, the helicopter pilots and fire crews did a fantastic job But who in there right mind would start a CONTROLLED FIRE in a gale!!!!