Closed Balearic bars...but for how long?

Closed Balearic bars...but for how long?

10-02-2021CATI CLADERA

Bars and restaurants in the Balearics were given fresh hope this morning after a court in the Basque Country overturned the lockdown order issued by the Basque regional government.

Hosteleros abren sus negocios tras el fallo del TSJPV que autoriza reabrir la hostelería en zona roja en Euskadi

Provinces across the country, including the Balearics, are planning similar legal challenges and looking for a similar outcome because a legal precedent has now been set.

Los hosteleros vascos preparan sus establecimiento para la reapertura

The Balearic government has ordered that bars and restaurants should remain closed until the end of the month which has resulted in a wave of protests especially as the number of cases of the coronavirus in Mallorca continues to fall.

Los hosteleros vascos preparan sus establecimiento para la reapertura

The Basque Country, like the Balearics is in Phase 4, but a judge ruled that as long as social distancing was maintained and the curfew respected, then they could open.

La justicia vasca decide hoy sobre cierre de bares mientras protestan los hosteleros.

The news was met with "drinks all round" in Basque Country bars......Will the Balearics being doing the same next week?



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Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Allan....greedy bar owners..... How about desperate bar owners. You are probably in comfy position, that you can afford to twiddle your thumbs and life goes by tralalalala. Look, a butterfly! But there are a scary amount of people on Mallorca now, who are the brink of financial disaster, losing their business, home or job. So a little respect would be nice. There are some other pensioners reacting here with this sort commentry. They care about the pandemic (as it could affect them most, being of age), but the rest can all go to hell. What a selfish mentality.


AndyPalmer / Hace 8 months

Fully understand that these businesses need to survive and are probably desperate to re-open. However in another article the discussion is ongoing about being able to open and welcome tourists for the summer season. If they were to go against the scientific advice and open up to early the consquecnes could be a disaster for the summer season. Tread carefully guys as I want you open for the summer..


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Thank god there is the law, with sensible people deciding on things.


Allan / Hace 8 months

This is sheer and utter selfishness by greedy bar owners. There is a pandemic on. I dont give a damn if dingy bars stay shut.