Fire on the tramuntana. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The forest fire on Tuesday in the Son Fe area of Alcudia affected some five hectares of pine wood. It was caused by a controlled burning, an unfortunate explanation as there clearly wasn’t adequate control. And no surprise, given the wind. Why was there this burning? It’s not as if there hadn’t been a forecast for strong winds. And it is as well that Ibanat and the fire brigade contained the fire as effectively as they did. The wind grew even stronger; it could have been far worse than five hectares.

In Pollensa there had been a much more damaging fire. Depending on reports, either fifty or one hundred hectares of the Ariant finca were burned. One hundred, which is what the town hall stated, equate to one tenth of a finca that was donated to the care of the Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation and is a protected area. What was the cause? It hasn’t been said.