As of Monday large shopping centres will open

As of Monday large shopping centres will open.

13-02-2021PERE BOTA

As of Monday, February 15 the current restrictions will be modified as follows:

1. Only people living together can be together. Exceptions are: People who live alone can be part of a single, extended unit. Minors can meet parents if they live at different addresses, as can couples if they don’t live together. A further exception applies to anyone who has to go to a different address to care for others.

2. Closure of bars and restaurants (except for home delivery and order collection).

3. You can still smoke as long as you respect social distancing and you are static.

4. Stores will have to reduce their capacity to 50 percent or 30% reduction if larger than 700 square metres.

5. Theatres, cinemas an d marquees at 30 percent capacity. As of Monday 50%.

6. Gyms and spas closed. As of Monday only open for non-intensive trainning and reduced capacity.

7. Ban on the public attending sports events of any category.

8. Curfew at 22.00 until 06.00.

9. Closure of non-essential stores of 700 square metres or more. As of Monday large stores and shopping centres will be able to open at 30% capacity, Monday to Friday. Car park capacities will be 50%.

10. Closure of all establishments at 20.00, with certain exceptions - food or essential products, petrol stations and hairdressers.

11. Buses will have limited capacity and there will be no standing.

12. On the Metro, standing will be allowed in places where this is indicated.

13. Ban on fiesta activities.

14. People who are at risk are being advised not to use public transport.

15. The government is also recommending people to be home by 20.00 and to visit commercial establishments on their own.

16. Churches at 30 percent capacity and ceremonies 15 people (30 percent)

17. Visit to senior citizen homes: one person per day. Senior citizen clubs closed. As of Monday leaving the premises is permitted.

18. Night clubs and gambling premises closed.

19. Fairs and fiestas cancelled.

20. Hotels: common places 50 percent and dinning room 30 percent.

21. After school activities will be allowed as of Monday.

22. Cultural places: museums etc... 50 percent. Groups up to 6 people inside and outside.

23. Parks and beaches open from 07.00 to 21.00.

24. Swimming pools reopen (on Monday) with 20% capacity and 2 people per lane.


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Alex / Hace 11 months

Is it possible to travel as a toursit to Mallorca with negative Coronavirus test now? Or will they stop me at the airport?


Pedro / Hace 12 months

...... and another thing! What is the point of closing half of the car parking spaces? It doesn't take an Enstein brain to comprehend the result of doing this - and keeping it in place. Chaotic parking, accidents, injuries and bad tempers?


Zoe / Hace 12 months

Lets throw in few more rules to satisfy ego of Madam ,,, what about dictating what time we can eat or sleep, and, and. This has become absolutely mad specially when you take in what Pedro is pointing out. The contradictions are Simply insane


Pedro / Hace 12 months

Why am I not permitted to let my grandchildren visit so they can run around in my garden for an hour? Why can people from unrelated families gather in church, shops, walk together, make sports in groups, etc, etc? Why can workmen come into my house? Why can children play together at school? I do have a brain and can wear a mask, not hold, hug and kiss my grandchildren? Why am I treated like an idiot? The mental damage being done is senseless. The mental damage being done because of senslessness


Mark Badoer / Hace 12 months

I look at it on the bright side: if you are living in Switzerland, this list would be 100 points even without Covid-19. So not too bad really.