Portocolom, Mallorca

Concrete would replace some of the old paving.

16-02-2021Assumpta Bassa

Environmentalist and other groups have denounced the project to repair the Portocolom dock. This will involve replacing part of the paving with concrete and "destroying a highly valuable heritage site".

Seven groups, including GOB, Salvem (Save) Portocolom and the Arca heritage association, have described the project that is planned by the regional ports authority, PortsIB, as "intolerable barbarity" and are demanding that the government change it. Original paving covering dozens of metres will be lifted up and replaced with concrete and iron. Some of the paving is almost two hundred years old. The building technique used "will disappear and future generations will not know about it". The Gremi de Margers (dry stone workers' guild) is also among the seven groups.

The dock was damaged by a crane for lifting boats,. The groups say that the government doesn't wish to change the crane's location and is planning to carry out work that no one has asked for. Instead of repairing the damage and providing a place for lifting boats without damaging the heritage, "a disastrous project" is being conceived.

The area, the groups add, is "catalogued" by Felanitx town hall. In other words, it has a form of protected status. While some of the construction dates back almost two hundred years, part of the stone comes from the Navetas los Closos de Can Gaià settlement, which goes back to 1700BC.

The Sa Duana dock is "linked to a traditional way of life, culture and activity that deserves to be preserved for its enormous ethnological value". Building started in 1828, the customs pier having been created because of the shipping of wine and brandy.

The groups also criticise the fact that, of 411,000 euros for the whole project, only 500 euros - "a ridiculous amount" - is for archaeological monitoring.


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