Many notifications regarding Pampas grass. | Govern de les Illes Balears

The Cofib Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna has received 545 notifications of invasive species in the Balearics since launching a 'green line' app six months ago.

Of these 545 notifications, 249 have come from Ibiza, 236 from Mallorca, 37 from Minorca and 23 from Formentera. The majority, 352, have had to do with flora rather fauna, with Pampas grass being among the most reported. As for fauna, there have been 117 notifications related to reptiles, the horseshoe whip snake in particular.

Environment minister Miquel Mir has thanked people who have sent information via the app. "The pandemic has shown us that the loss of biodiversity can introduce very negative changes to our lives. It is vital that, together, we conserve it."

The Cofib-Linea verde app is available from Android and Apple app stores. Photos and comments can be sent; the app's coordinates will detect the location.