Costa Cruises Ship, Palma.

Costa Cruises Ship, Palma. archive photo.

17-02-2021Ultima Hora

Cruise tourism could be back in Mallorca in May and Costa Cruises is likely to be first in line with its flagship, Costa Smeralda.

From March 27, the Costa Smeralda will run mini cruises in Italy and from May 1 week-long trips will be available in the western Mediterranean with stops in Savona, Civitavecchia and Palermo in Italy and Marseille in France. There’s also a possibility that it will also dock in Barcelona and Palma..

The Costa Luminosa will also be back in service, departing Trieste on May 2 on a one-week trip to Greece and Croatia with a stopover in Bari.

All other cruises planned before the end of May that are not included in Wednesday’s updated programme will be cancelled and Costa Cruises says is Travel Agencies and clients affected by the changes will be notified.

The Costa Smerelda is 337 metres long, has 20 decks and can accommodate 6,554 passengers and 1,646 crew.


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Roberto / Hace 8 months

Seems like saturation has gone straight out of the porthole!!


Lisa / Hace 8 months

Wow - more bad news. How to spread the virus and destroy the environment in one swoop! These plague ships do nothing for Mallorca, other than disgorge thousands of tourists into Palma, who spend little and create massive disruption. Lesson for Government, post Covid put controls on this non environmentally friendly scourge.


John Jones / Hace 8 months

A disaster for Palma. Pollution, crowds who bring little to the economy and fill the streets with noise and rubbish.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 8 months

You've always been able to book a cruise for the 2020, and 2021 seasons all through the pandemic, with TUI as well. Then they're cancelled in batches each month in line with the current rules and government travel advice warnings. It's very optimistic that there will actually be any cruises this season according to the experts. Even with total vaccinations, the cruise lines cam't afford any outbreaks, and you can't insure against any costs incurred by any party. but nothing to prevent you booking one of course.


Adam / Hace 8 months

Great News Back to the old days , smog in and all over the town from the Cruise Liner´s all day and Night !