“The Balearics is the only community in Spain incapable of rewarding medical staff.” | Archives


The Balearic Medical Union (Simebal) said yesterday that awarding the Community Gold Medal to the health sector is a “pure aesthetic operation” by the Balearic government to “cover up the remunerative mistreatment” of the group.

Union president Miguel Lazarus said that the announcement has been received “with a mixture of indignation considering the way medical staff have been treated.”

“Considering the strains under which we are having to work, this award is nothing more than an attempt by the government to hide the reality of the pressure that doctors are under in the Balearics and, of late, the conditions under which they are having to work,” Lazarus added.

Staff shortage

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Lazarus went on to highlight the fact that “doctors have been claiming a Covid bonus for months, similar to ones being awarded by other regions of Spain,” and criticised the shortage of medical staff in the Balearics.

“The Balearics is the only autonomous community in Spain which is incapable of financially rewarding its health workers for their sacrifice and effort."

“All we want is to be recognised with a dignified, just and deserved bonus.

“We greatly appreciate the immense gratitude from the general public but empty words and medals from the government are an insult,” he added.