Aina Calvo, speaking on Thursday. | Jaume Morey


The national government delegate in the Balearics, Aina Calvo, has outlined the financial commitment that the Spanish government made to the region in 2020 because of the pandemic.

On Thursday, she presented the report which indicates that 438.4 million euros were for reinforcing essential services and 618.7 million euros were for ERTE, for which 172,266 employees received protection. In addition, there were 157.8 million euros of extraordinary benefit for the self-employed and 3,467 million euros of guarantees (loans) through the ICO credit institute; these were for 17,818 businesses and the self-employed.

Asked about the vaccination programme, Calvo explained that the latest European contracts will mean an increase in deliveries from March. She said that the strategy is determined by negotiation at the European level, "where everything is done in the same way and by following the same criteria, by which people are put first and not economic activity". In this regard, she questioned the call to prioritise tourism regions.

Calvo referred to a "continuous confrontation of everyone fighting for vaccines". "It is a destructive, sterile and highly pernicious political dynamic."