Meeting between Spain's tourism minister and the Balearic president and tourism minister

The meeting in Madrid on Friday.


In Madrid on Friday, President Armengol and Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela proposed that the Balearic Islands are a "pilot destination" for the vaccination passport.

This proposal was made at a meeting with the national tourism minister Reyes Maroto and the secretary of state for tourism, Fernando Valdés. Negueruela said after the meeting that the Balearic government had offered the Spanish government an experiment with the vaccination passport or certificate.

"This will mean that the Balearics will once again be one of the first destinations to open. We have the experience gained last year with the tourist pilot plan. The Balearics are committed to safe tourism for all those who come and who live on the islands. This is why we want a health passport that will allow better control of access to our territory. We have today taken a decisive step in being pioneers in doing this."

Maroto has previously stated her support for a vaccination passport (or certificate) system.


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Steve / Hace 8 months

Passport Vaccinatiins don't help the destinatiin countries in any way. We can all carry and pass the virus, vaccinated or not. The way to effect an economic and health recovery in Spain is to vaccinate it's population as a priority. The rest is just hot air...


Dan / Hace 8 months

Maybe it’s me, but surly a negative test is safer than proof you’ve had the vaccine ,there is no proof that you can’t carry the virus after being vaccinated. To me this is just gamesmanship in the political world, in the real world the Balearics need to open for tourism this summer, so surly the negative test is the safer route forward?


Compo / Hace 8 months

All ready exists for yellow fever vaccinations, for example, into some countries. So why should covid be any different? Makes total sense to me


bentlyal / Hace 8 months

it would cause serious '' Discrimination '' to force people into using some form of passport for medical practices or forced vaccines ... a.k.a Nuremburg Code... using a smokescreen under saving the summer and tourism!!!! a lot of people can't take a vaccine for various reasons.