Your small present from the Bulletin.

Your small present from the Bulletin.


Have you booked your holiday or flight to Mallorca for this summer? If so then you could be eligible for a Bulletin prize. To thank loyal British tourists for their support and for not being lured away by Greece! the first 50 people who can prove that they have booked a holiday or a flight to Mallorca will receive a small gift from the Bulletin, when they are on the island this summer.

We wish our budget could stretch to a gift for all, but for the moment it is only the first 50! The gift consists of a bottle of Mallorca olive oil, a Bulletin fan and a copy of the newspaper.

Hope to see you this summer.


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Elizabeth Leebody / Hace 11 months

Passenger & Flight details 1 of 2 Glasgow to Majorca (Palma) EZY6895 flight Departs: Tue 27 Jul 2021 18:55 Arrives: Tue 27 Jul 2021 22:50 Bag drop opens: Tue 27 Jul 2021 16:55 Bag drop closes: Tue 27 Jul 2021 18:15 Check in closes 40 mins before departure

Fingers crossed our Easyjet flights dont get cancelled!!!


Jill / Hace 11 months

Booked for May, July and August so far... can’t wait to see the island again. We were out last August wearing face masks and socially distancing and I’m sure it will be same this year. Although we have had our first vaccines and our final ones in May I know people of Mallorca will be slower to get sorted so understand their concerns.


Jo Amos / Hace 11 months

Booked with Ryanair for June 5th! Can't wait!


Max Barrie Lewis / Hace 11 months

We have just booked to come to Mallorca on May 5 for two weeks on Easyjet. We will be staying in a house near Bunyola

We have been vaccinated like 27% of the UK population and hope that Mallorca gets its vaccination act together



Nick / Hace 11 months

Steve - You might not want tourists, but where I live all of the locals I know are desperate for them. Casual summer workers who are now out of money and more worried about going hungry than anything else.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 11 months

The fact is that we don't want tourists back until we're all vaccinated here,end of...If our government fails to consider this, we face another skyrocketing of new cases like last year, but this time with the island packed with tourists. Tough on our economy, but too many individuals are purely thinking in their own interests. The resulting pandemonium and costs would be long-lasting and unthinkable. Don't even book this year, we appreciate it, holiday at home and wait to come back when Mallorca is back to normal and you're all be very welcome again.


Jonas / Hace 11 months

Please ignore the dreadful comments from some people.they don’t represent the feelings of the vast majority who can’t wait to get back to normal and welcome people back to share this beautiful island.


Fred / Hace 11 months

Tell you what, I'll give you a bigger bottle of dodgy olive oil than the MDB if you cancel your bookings!!


Fred / Hace 11 months

Bugger off the lot of you. It's paradise here without virus ridden tourists. 2020 was beautiful here without badly dressed tattoed beer swigging monsters. We dont want you, Go and have staycations in Clacton or Hamburg and leave us be.


lizz / Hace 11 months

Looks like we will not be welcome, we’ve had a property in Mallorca for over 35 years and are looking forward to getting back to check it out. We don’t intend to mix with locals both for their benefit and ours, but to see so many who disagree just proves how much the island has changed. Used to be such a nice place but recent residents are not people we identify with.